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Quality Maintenance Execution Standards

Quality Maintenance Execution Standards The physical work at the sharp end of Asset Management is every bit as important as the high-level strategy, planning and coordination. This article explains how working agreements assist, to ensure that the work is not just done, but done right. [...]

CAT D11 Track Master Link Failures

CAT D11 Track Master Link Failures Bluefield was investigating premature failures on D11 dozer track master links for a client. This investigation highlighted the following learning. [...]

Improving Maintenance through onboard data analytics

Improving Maintenance Through onboard Data Analytics [...]

Improving the quality of maintenance by reducing human error

Improving the quality of maintenance by reducing human error. [...]

Asset management helps miners through challenging times

There's little argument that, after a number of boom years in many places around the globe, the resources industry has hit something of a slow patch. [...]

Employee profile - Antti Nikula

After being a part of mine operation and asset management in Australia for many years, when the time came to launch operations in Europe, Bluefield AMS knew that finding the right person to lead the launch was key. This needed to be a person with a passion for the resources industry, but also the technical expertise to understand the importance of optimisation. [...]

4 Practical Tips to Manage the Maintenance Budget

Managing the maintenance budget can be time-consuming for the Maintenance Manager. For a Manager in a new role or a site with low maturity in this area, it can be a case of cross the fingers and hope the monthly expenditure was in line with the budget. If budgets are developed using a zero based methodology then it should be manageable and excursions understood. Unfortunately, for this to be the case it requires involvement from the entire team, not just a few. Below are four tips on how to achieve this: [...]

Mark Ringsgwandl: The three-dimensional problem solver

Effectively resolving a problem entails more than just identifying problems and recommending ways to correct them. [...]

Developing quality proactive maintenance to improve mining equipment MTBF

One of our specialists recently returned from a site in a third world country. The scope of our review was to identify where their maintenance systems and practices needed to improve in order to improve the reliability performance of their fleet. Our specialist found that the truck fleet was performing around 80% availability and that the site had zero systems for maintenance in place. There was no CMMS system or work management processes and work was simply performed based on what the people retained in their memory. [...]