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Why Reliability Improvement Projects are often not sustainable

Why do reliability improvement projects often only lead to short term improvement? We have seen, over the years, that reliability performance of mining fleet improves but then degrades again, and we end up with a cycle of performance, like the availability results over 5 years, in the diagram below. [...]

Many questions and one simple answer

Can maintenance labour and parts cost be reduced? Can major failures be avoided? Can waste be eliminated? The simple answer is yes [...]

Mobile Mining Equipment Fires = Maintenance Execution Quality

Mobile Mining Equipment Fires Over the years there have been many fires on mobile mining equipment. In fact, a study by the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy over a 12 month period showed that of 228 fires reported in this period 71% were on mobile mining equipment. [...]

Equipment Ownership

On occasions Bluefield visits small sites that are low on processes and systems but have long term employees and high levels of equipment ownership. At these sites it is common to see good equipment reliability. Ownership means accountability, when the machine goes down at these sites the people that want to get it fixed and they always look at how to prevent a similar occurrence. [...]

Reliability Qualifications - By Dave Archinal

A friend of mine gave me a lift to the airport the other day. We'd worked together before and he'd been involved in engineering, maintenance systems and budgeting for most of his career. He's recently moved into the reliability function at a large mining company. We were talking about the usual stuff friends talk about, family, the city you live in etc. He then asked about qualifications he should  undertake to improve his employability in the future. It was obvious the recent downsizing in the industry was on his mind and he wanted to make sure he had the qualifications to succeed in future reliability roles. It was a great question. [...]

4 Practical Tips for Maintenance Managers to manage their budget

Managing the maintenance budget can be time consuming for the Maintenance Manager. For a Manager in a new role or a site with low maturity in this area, it can be a case of cross the fingers and hope the monthly expenditure was in line with the budget. If budgets are developed using a zero based methodology then it should be manageable and excursions understood. Unfortunately for this to be the case it requires involvement from the entire team not just a few. Below are four tips on how to achieve this: [...]

European Office

Bluefield AMS opens European Office. [...]

Servicing and The Wasted Effort - By Peter Lee

There is no denying the importance of regular and consistent servicing of equipment and one significant factor is having a well written service sheet to ensure a repeatable inspection regime. However, experience has shown us that even having the best service sheet does not guarantee a great result if there is a tick and flick culture.  Experience has also shown that an average service sheet can still achieve great results when quality inspections are completed and defects are recorded that require future attention.  The reality is that most places fall somewhere in-between with a less than perfect service sheet and some level of complacency when completing repetitive inspections. [...]